Starz Play

Multiplatforms TV app

STARZ is a premium american TV channel which offers movies and series. Already available via an application on set-top boxes, video game consoles and mobile platforms, the company wanted to widen its audience by offering their contents on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV.

The main UX challenge was to maintain the consistency between existing platforms and new ones, which have different visual navigation paradigm. We also had to deal with the differences of technical specifications of each platform. For instance, the Roku box is less powerful than the Amazon Fire TV. Using large imagery the Starz’ branding has required to make adjustments on some Roku screens to keep the navigation as smooth as possible. That’s why the movie or series detailed screens don’t use large 16:9 imagery like on the Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV platforms.


  • Concept definition + Wireframes + Functional Specs

Tools used

  • Axure + InDesign

Release date

  • Spring 2015