Movie theater company

Smart TV VOD application

A leading movie theater company in North America wanted to revamp its VOD ecosystem available on mobile, tablet, web and Smart TV. The mandate was to design a unified solution allowing users to get the same experience whatever the device they use. The objective was also to create synergies between digital platforms and movie theaters to increase sales. As part of this global revamping, I have been in charge of the redesign of the Smart TV application (Samsung / LG). To do so, I have closely teamed up with a colleague responsible of the mobile and tablet application design.
The main challenge of this project was to create UX consistency despite the differences of interactions between platforms. Another tough problem I have to deal with was to design the payment flow. The TV users had to be able to complete their transactions using one or several payment methods at the same time (e.g. use loyalty card points and complete the payment with a credit card).


  • Wireframes + Functional specs

Tools used

  • Illustrator + InDesign

Release date

  • Aborted project