Minerva Networks

Set-top box user interface

Minerva Networks is a company specialized in developing video compression technology used to deliver video services over broadband IP networks. In addition to this technical activity the company also offers VOD and Live TV services via set-top boxes. Recognizing that their TV services interface needed major improvements, they mandated us to revamp it.

Based on client functional specifications I had to deal with serious challenges such as redesigning the TV guide. Three display modes had to be created, including one that allowed users to browse and watch catch-up TV content by just going back in time. Another milestone was to simplify and reduce the TV recording set-up length. To keep it as simple as possible, I proposed pre-set recording options allowing users to just have to press on a button to schedule a recording.


  • Wireframes

Tool used

  • Illustrator

Release date

  • Winter 2013-2014