Apocalypse 10 lives

Transmedia project

To mark the centenary of the first world war, we teamed up with France Télévisions to create a transmedia experience related to the documentary series Apocalypse: First World War. This project invites the user to follow the lives of ten fictional characters during the conflict. Representing countries involved in World War One, each character’s life looks like a short movie split into several scenes. Thanks to rich storytelling, the destinies of these characters intertwine in meaningful ways. These meeting points can be used to switch from a life to another before continuing the experience. Each destiny is also a chance to explore and discover historical video archives organized around war topics.

On this project the navigation system hold a significant role. Since the beginning, we wanted to propose two navigation modes: an automatic one, similar to a movie, and a manual one, oriented towards content exploration. The main challenge was to seamlessly switch from a mode to another while taking into account that the design had to work for both web (computer) and tablet (application) users.


  • Concept definition + Sketches + Wireframes + Functional specs

Tools used

  • Illustrator + InDesign

Release date

  • Spring 2014