American Cable Operator

Set-top box user interface concept

As part of a request for proposal, we responded to a cable operator who was interested in developing its VOD and Live TV services on Smart TVs. In a context where TV channels and content are always more and more numerous, it’s often difficult to get relevant content recommendations. Fully aware of this fact I brought new concepts to enrich their TV experience offer.

Based on metadatas, I created a system where new users could define their tastes once and immediately get relevant content recommendations. To push this idea further, I imagined that these personalized suggestions could be directly integrated into a smart playlist mixing Live TV and VOD content. So, each time I turn on the TV, I would just have to press the Play button to watch interesting content. Besides, to constantly improve the system relevancy, I could add or remove content from my TV tastes at any time.

In addition to this concept, I also took into account the usage context. I imagined an onboarding screen where, as a user, I could define how much time I have for watching TV. Based on my answer the system would then adapt its recommendations.


  • Concept definition + Wireframes

Tool used

  • Illustrator

Release date

  • Summer 2014 (concept)