19-2 – season 3

Website TV show

19-2 is a famous quebecer TV show broadcasted on Radio Canada that showcases two police patrols in Montreal. For the last season of the show, TV producers wanted to launch a new website that immerses fans into the TV show universe. To do so, fans had to discover each week, a new topical that included video expert interviews and infographics related to the last broadcasted episode.

For this TV show season finale, producers wanted to thank the fans by organizing a contest based on their 19-2 expertise. On a weekly basis, fans had to answer to quizzes and share contents on social media to get more chances to win. The challenge on this project was to create a gameplay not too restrictive, allowing participants to get the same chances to win whatever the moment of their contest registration.


  • Conception definition + Wireframes + Functional specs

Tools used

  • Illustrator + Indesign

Release date

  • Winter 2014-2015